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Aesthetic Element is an Online PR Agency. We do Content Creation, Content Optimisation, SEO and Social Media stuff. We use a variety of groovy web marketing techniques to help you win new friends and influence people.

We’re really a bit of a mashup. We’re lots of good things rolled up into a hip new bundle that we like to call an Online PR agency. What we really do is help you figure out your web marketing goals and deliver content-based solutions to help you realise them.

In practice this means we identify your targets; create the right content offers to turn them on; use a bit of social media, SEO and online PR pixie-dust to seed it with them and have them beat a path to your door; and then optimise your web site to convert them to your cause.

Kind of like an uber-new PR agency for the interweb era.

Why You Need an Online PR Agency in Your Life

Broadly speaking, we do Online PR, using some progressive Content Optimisation and SEO smarts.

Not in the narrow sense – we do more than just tweak your web site and send online press releases; but by taking a big, fat, content-first view of your online marketing requirements.

Why? Well, having kicked around the marketing world for a while, we realise that right now good content and a good Online PR strategy are your best allies when it comes to differentiating your wares and convincing customers and search engines that you’re really the one.

Think about it. You can’t game Google with meta tags any more.

SEO has moved on. Social algorithms are what really matter: you need trust and reputation. To have good Page Rank is to have good web karma on your side – a Wembley Stadium of devotees that are dedicated to righteous linking unto your web site.

The only way to pack them in and convert them to your cause is to do and say the right thing and encourage them to talk about you.

Not via bland corporate or product speak, brochureware and such – nobody gets excited about that stuff any more, even if they’re (un)lucky enough to find it – but with content that’s designed to sing on the right kind of platforms, using the right words and pictures.

Ergo, your content is your ego. And Online PR is the GO!

You need to focus on building your content, polishing it, and setting it free… Online PR-style – on blogs, social networks, and the like…. and inviting people back to yours for the after party (via a perfectly optimised landing page, naturally).


To move the needle you need more than a Twitter profile and a Facebook widget. You need an out-and-out Online PR Agency..

The stuff we do may not be new to you: you may be a Social Media Addict or a Ning Ninja already. But in our experience, a traditional PR agency doesn’t really do Online PR, and a digital agency usually avoids good old fashioned PR deliverables like content …leaving the job of stitching together an integrated, buzz-making campaign down to you.

We’re a different kind of firm. We’re an out-and-out Online PR Agency. We prefer to think totally web-first, placing innovative thinking in Social Media, Online communities, progressive PR, SEO and Content Optimisation at the heart of everything we do – and you ought to too.

We love helping you rewire some of your basic communications practices to get you (very visible) Online PR and Social Media results, FAST!

We Specialise in Three Things…

  • IDENTIFY, ENGAGE WITH AND INFLUENCE ONLINE CONVERSATIONS. Using Social Media smarts, we identify and monitor the influential communities that you need to be part of. Then we help you encourage them to do the things that you want them to do… (We help you get engaged in all the right circles, we help you influence them, have them put their hands up, and declare love for you and your products and services)
  • GENERATE EFFECTIVE ONLINE BUZZ. We generate measurable Online PR and Social Media buzz when and where its needed most… (Imagine a blog- and Twitter-torrent and Google stardom at the moment you’re pitching the big deal)
  • DRIVE PURCHASES, DOWNLOADS AND REGISTRATIONS. We radically improve the quality of your traffic and your conversion rates using proven Social Media, Online PR, Content Optimization, and SEO techniques… (It’s a virtuous circle: everything we do is designed to optimise your Google ranking and the quality of your traffic)

Here’s that as a list of benefits:

Engaging and Influencing

For becoming a thought leader, community activist, mischief maker and opinion former…

We engage with (and create) valuable communities, debates and networks…

  • Identifying and monitoring the right Online communities, and helping you to participate fully within them in the smartest possible ways
  • Positioning you as thought leaders
  • Influencing influential people
  • Generating buzz, interest and positive outcomes around your products and services
  • Read all about how we do influencer engagement here…

Online PR Agency Buzz

For (re)engaging with your marketplace, awareness building and behaviour changing…

We generate effective, measurable buzz to launch products, promote campaigns and merchandise your expertise…

  • Positioning you in the right Online communities at the right time
  • Creating community-friendly, ‘Social’ content that’s ripe for sharing and spinning across a network
  • Driving relevant, engaged traffic through smart content syndication and better content optimization
  • Read all about how we generate measurable buzz here…

Driving Conversions

For lead generation and product/service/campaign promotions…

We use Social Media Marketing techniques to turn your web presence into a revenue-making, lead generation machine…

  • Driving more traffic to your web site through Social Media Marketing tactics and natural search engine optimisation
  • Changing web behaviours to turn browsers into active buyers, downloaders and subscribers
  • Read all about how we drive quality traffic and conversions here…

OK, so that’s what we do.

Check out how our Online PR Agency works…


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